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Bloom Bath Soak - Small

Bloom Bath Soak - Small



  • The perfect addition to any bath, this organic mix is blended with nourishing, moisturizing and relaxing florals.  
  • Floral mix of:
    • Calendula Petals* - Contains antioxidants and carotenoids making it ideal for soothing skin
    • Cornflower Blue Petals* - Cornflower has skin-soothing properties and is anti-inflammatory, astringent, free radical scavenging and moisturizing
    • Jasmine Buds* - Moisturizes the skin, fades blemishes, relieves pain and reduces stress
    • Rose Petals* - Contains rose oils known to soothe and comfort
    • Lavender* - Improves skin health & hydration; Reduces inflammation and promotes rest and stress reduction

* Organic

  • Good for 1-2 baths
  • Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight and humidity; use within one year after opening
  • No additional scents or oils added


Please note that all of our bath soaks are blended by hand. There will be variations from image to product!


Shipping Internationally
Product ships 1-3 business days after purchase

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