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Crimson - 2oz. Tin

Crimson - 2oz. Tin



  • A modern take on the classic apple scent, this candle boasts a fragrant combination of apple, clove, patchouli, cinnamon, vanilla, and jasmine. Perfect for cozy evenings at home or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one,  Crimson is sure to delight the senses.
    • Top: Apple Clove
    • Middle: Patchouli Cinnamon
    • Bottom: Vanilla Jasmine
  • 100%  2oz. soy wax candle, Natural double wood wick
  • Reusable black tin
  • Burn time: 7-9 Hours


Please note that all of our candles are poured by hand. There may be variations from image to product!


Shipping Internationally
Product ships 1-3 business days after purchase

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