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Eat This!
Drink That!

Brand Development
Email Design
Branding Collateral
Digital & In-Store Assets

Client Website

Eat This! Drink That! is a reoccurring monthly segment by British Columbia's
largest wine store, Everything Wine. It was developed to educate and inspire customers both in-store and online to create delicious pairings of wine and food
for every occasion.

Stepping away from it's current branding, a modern identity system was created 
in order to create more flexibility across each deliverable it would be used for which included both digital and print assets.

The birds-eye-view was used in order for the customer to feel as if they were in their own kitchen creating the dishes while pairing with the wines recommended.
The chalk effect on the typography represents a homemade feel so customers
may not be as intimated to explore the innovative recipes and wines.

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